Venezuelan Empanadas

With a home made touch, we want to provide an authentic Margarita Island experience to Hawaii,
that incorporates original traditional flavor and textures from Venezuela.
Our ingredients are locally selected to offer an elevated experience!


About Us

We are a family business of homemade empanadas, from Margarita Island, Venezuela, who cook with love, from our grand parents recipes  
Our mission is to provide an authentic Venezuelan food, that will transport you from the pacific ocean to the Caribbean sea within a sensory stimulation while offering a variety of flavors to meet the needs of everyone.

Try something new, different and get hooked up by the Caribbean flavor.


What is an Empanada?

Empanadas are a Spanish or Latin-American pastry turnover, usually shaped in
half-moons and range in size from pop-em-in-your-mouth dumpling size to calzone size filled with savory ingredients that are either baked or fried.

From the Spanish verb empanar, which means to coat or wrap in bread, the empanada is said to originate from Spain, although many countries claim empanadas as their own, including Venezuela, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Chile and some other Caribbean islands. Because of this, you won’t doubt stumble across empanadas with endless combinations of fillings and flavors. In fact, the Indian samosa gets its inspiration from the empanada.

Venezuelan Empanada

Venezuelan empanada it’s different because of the dough, made out of corn (Harina Pan), no regular wheat flour, and we deep fry them.

They’re so popular that they’re appearing on food trucks, corner markets, and everywhere else you can get food to go.

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What is Guasacaca Sauce?

Guasacaca (yes, the name is a little strange) is a traditional Venezuelan sauce. It looks a little like guacamole, but its flavor and texture are different. This delicious Original sauce with an avocado base is never missing in any food truck or food business back home. It can be served with practically everything. In Venezuela it’s typically used with parrilladas or barbeques, empanadas and arepas! 

Our Family recipe.

Our family create a little different version of this delicious sauce, without the avocado, but still will elevate the flavor of your food. By the way, is a secret recipe.

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Curbside Pick-up

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