Venezuelan Empanadas

Margarita Island style.

We are from Venezuela

Specifically Margarita Island who is the largest island in the Venezuelan state of Nueva Esparta, situated off the northeastern coast of the country, in the Caribbean Sea. The empanadas are one of the most popular dish, here are the best options.

  • Empanada de Pescado (Fish).
  • Empanada de Carne Mechada (shredded Beef).
  • Empanada de Pollo (chicken).
  • Empanada de Camaron (shrimp).
  • Empanada de Queso (cheese).
  • Empanada de Chorizo.
  • Empanada de Pabellon.

Available Flavors



Guasacaca (Wah-Sah-Kaka) is Venezuela’s version of guacamole, although it is not as thick.  A sauce that is great for dunking with chips, veggies, arepas and empanadas, or spreading on grilled foods, like burgers, Portobello mushrooms, and so much more.
Guaiqueri Empanadas use a Guasacaca recipe from our Grand Mother 

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Free delivery over $25 orders

Frequently asked questions

Where are you located?

At the moment we don’t have a store yet, but we offer delivery, curbside pick up in Waikiki (2222 Aloha rd.), on Saturdays we are featured on Brahj Meet West food truck, located on Kapiolani Blvd (club Rockza parking lot), and this 2021 we are planning to be present on some food events and farmers market around the island. 

Do you offer any Vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or Kosher options?

  • Vegetarian YES, sweet plantain and cheese, black bean and cheese and only cheese.
  • Vegan, sadly we don’t offer at the moment all vegan.
  • Kosher, also no options, we are sorry.
  • Gluten free not at the moment really sorry.

Do you offer delivery?

Free delivery over $25 orders.
only available for these areas: 96814, 96815, 96816, 96822 and 96826


Which flavors are available?

On the shop area you will see the flavors and quantity available, we made every day a small batch and usually sells out, if you don’t see your favorite, ask us when it will be and we will gladly reply. 

Pick up instructions:

Location: 2222Aloha Dr (Waikiki)
Aloha! once you arrive to pick up your empanadas, you can park in front or close to the address and let us know at 808-2927666 what type of car are you at, and we will deliver to your car shortly.


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